Bannister Technical

CASE STUDY: Bannister Technical


Bannister Technical is a Registered Training Organisation based in Sydney. Along with it’s partner organisation Bannister In Home Care, this group provides training for, and provision of support care workers and corporate training.

The structure of the organization means that staff are spread out in different physical locations and often work from home or mobile locations. Providing access to a system which centralizes all of the software and storage that they require presents a few challenges.

Additional challenges such as malware present an increased risk to the business in terms of data loss, downtime and financial loss in the event of a viral attack.

We solved this problem by replacing the on-premise servers with cloud based Virtual Desktops and other Infrastructure as a Service solutions – ultimately improving the performance, reliability and access to systems within this organization.


  • The spread of staff across physical locations creates difficulties in providing reliable access for remote staff and other users to access systems
  • Modern malware and spyware are becoming a heightened level of risk for business systems. Bannister Technical are concerned about potential attacks on their system which could cause devastating affects to their business.
  • The cost of maintaining servers on site has become prohibitive and proved less reliable than cloud based services
  • Older workstations within the organization do not have to performance required to provide staff with suitable access to systems – thereby causing delays and frustration


Virtual Desktops (Windows 10 Like user interface)

Migrating to Virtual Desktops was quite smooth and allowed the business to continue to operate during the transition period. Each staff member has their own dedicate Virtual Desktop, backed by high-performance storage, enabling the organization to provide high performance, modern workstations for their staff. Users can no move from physical machine to physical machine without any re-configuration. This means that staff are no longer required to stay in one place to access all of their documents and software.

Virtual Desktops, unlike physical workstations are a lot easier to back up, and restore in the event of a virus or some other failure.

Virtual Private service (Windows Domain access)

Services originally provided by physical servers, are now stored on a high performance virtual private server. In addition to being faster and more modern, the VPS has much better protection from downtime, as virtual machines are not fixed to a physical server – providing much greater reliability and availability.


  • Improved workstation performance for staff
  • Improved protection from malware and other disasters.
  • Improved, simpler access to systems via Cloudspark Remote Desktop Client