Information technology Consultants

Paying good money for technology is one thing, but having the right solutions architect to make it happen is another. Having good technology requires someone with a nose for IT, who aims to deliver solutions that just work, are in time, on budget and are carried out professionally. Our clients really are thankful that they chose to jump on board with Systems Lab.

Meet your new consultants today, and find the value that you need from an expert IT Consultant right here at Systems Lab.

Network and Virtual architecture

Setting up and innovating your networks, servers and virtual machines can be complex. You need an IT professional who understands more than most about modern technology, data centers, server rooms and network availability. Our projects are carefully planned and competently executed.

Business Phone Systems

The digitisation of everything has not left out the humble desk phone. In the next few years, all businesses (if they haven’t already) will be required to switch to VOIP technology, or lose their phone lines. We find the best way to transition your business from analog to digital whilst maintaining your service level.

Cloud Services Design

Moving to the cloud can be complex, especially with a heavy dependence on legacy software and systems. Our team knows cloud through and through. We know what can be done, what can’t be done – and another way to do it. Whether your cloud services are provided by popular cloud based applications on the internet, or customised private services – we will find and prove a workable cloud design for your business.

Security and Risk Assessments

Knowing that you’re safe in an online world can be a difficult thing to assess. Even if you are very careful – it’s still very easy to fall victim to a security breach or cyber attack. We identify and take steps to prevent these kinds of things from happening, before they happen.

Workstation and Mobile Device organisation

Growing your business and keeping your staff productive often requires a reliable and consistent source of workstations, laptops, smartphones and tablets. We make it easy for you to provide consistent, reliable and useful devices to your staff.