George Skoufis Optometrist

CASE STUDY: George Skoufis Optometrist


George Skoufis Optometrist is a retail optometry business located in Paddington, in Sydney’s east. GSO prides itself on it’s customer service, and quality products. It has earned a wide-spread reputation and has a very loyal customer base.

As a result of this reputation, staff at GSO put customer needs at the highest priority, and have little tolerance for things which cause downtime or interruptions to business.

We understand GSO’s needs and expections, and intern provide a standard of service and support that they would expect from themselves.


  • Many IT Companies provide a queue based support system with no dedicated point of contact for clients – leading to excessive downtime and issues lasting for a longer period of time, and frustration by staff not familiar with the technical side of the business
  • Due to the differing levels of technical vocabulary and willingness to deal with extra complications on top of their already high levels of customer service, the business would prefer to have systems operational 100% of the time without complicated or drawn-out remedies


Regular Face to Face – Onsite visits by an IT Consultant

Regular monthly visits as well as some ad-hoc visits are conducted – providing a time and reason to resolve small or frustrating issues. The regular maintenance means that systems are functioning reliably, and general issues and roadblocks are dealt with frequently.

In addition to this, each consultant has been trained to become familiar with each of the staff members, the shop and the technology used throughout the business

Instant Support for technical issues by a responsive helpdesk

Systems Lab recognizes that support queues provide a manageable way to work with IT workloads. However, we’ve formed the view that support and service calls should be prioritised appropriately according to each business’s needs. This means that if an causes downtime in a business, that this issue should be dealt with as a matter of priority.

As a result of structing our support service this way, we feel that all of our clients are delivered timely service, and that this fact alone, makes us more valuable to the client.


  • Improved Support response time
  • Reliable systems
  • Better communication in relation to technical issues.