IT Helpdesk

Keep your workplace ticking along without complex and mysterious computer troubles getting in the way. Systems Lab provides IT Support for our clients with our capable technicians and consultants. 

From the very start, we’re ready to help you, and we follow this rule of thumb:


We listen to your question, request, comment or otherwise


We confirm that we understand


We gain an understanding of the issues, setup, documentation and relevant articles


We attempt likely resolutions to achieve as desireable result


Resolve issues with winning resolution


Inform you of anything you need to know and advice of completion of work.

Rapid Response

From the moment our clients contact us, we are already planning the best and quickest way to deliver our services to them. We understand how valuable their time is, and the importance and impact of challenges facing them. We guarantee a minimum level of service to our clients, but we don't keep them waiting.

Familiar Service

As our business grows, we want our clients to be comfortable in the fact that they will still be dealing with the same people who are familiar with their business. We know they're not a number and we prove it by being accountable, diligent and friendly.

Face to face

We like to see our clients are happy. Often you'll see us around and know who we are, and we'll know who you are too. In-person visits are a great opportunity to solve many small challenges that often get suppressed. We make the effort to be in contact on occasion - just to make sure everything is okay.

Access to 24x7 support

Many of our clients depend on us to be available as and when issues arise. Often this happens outside of normal working hours. Our 24x7 service is available as an optional extra, and gives our clients close to instant support - even in the middle of the night.

Prepared and Capable

Our technicians are continuously trained to improve their skills and knowledge of their role in supporting our clients. We equip them with the tools and information they need to do their jobs expertly and professionally.