Managed Services

Whether you have a single office server or a complex network infrastructure between offices, warehouses and data centers – you need a quality managed service provider. Each system is a complex and unique setup demanding the attention of capable technicians to provide constant monitoring and regular maintenance of systems. With such a significant investment in your infrastructure already, it only makes sense to entrust it’s maintenance and extend it’s lifetime by engaging Systems Lab to manage your infrastructure.

Secure your infrastructure

Cyber threats are on the rise, and your infrastructure's integrity depends on having pro-active continual maintenance and monitoring. We implement best practice security measures across our managed technology to ensure that risk from cyber threats is kept to a minimum.

Keep your business online

Disasters happen. They may not often come in the form of a flood or a fire, but many businesses have been brought to their knees by virtual of a disaster in their IT systems. We visually sight backup completions daily and adhere to the industry accepted stategy of 3-2-1 Backup.

Keep your network clean

We keep our networks organised consistently. By keeping 24 hour probes on key equipment , we're able to spot unusual traffic and patterns. These patterns can be an indicator of malicious users or daemons. We manage your networks to make it easier to connect your business, while keeping hackers out.

Maximise Performance

Make technology work for you, and avoid wasting money on technology that doesn't live up to your expection. Our technology is configured to be as lightweight, standardised and optimal as it can be. We squeeze every bit of speed out of your infrastructure that we can.

Maximise Lifetime

Regular maintenance of equipment prevents the build up of issues and identifies factors which can limit your infrastructure's lifetime. We take measures to limit factors which may affect your equipment's lifetime and over-deliver on your investment

Mobile Device Management

Keep you staff on the same page and the same playing field by implementing mobile device management. MDM simplifies the work involved in providing staff with smartphones or other devices and gets them up an running instantly.