CASE STUDY: Neuclone


Neuclone is an emerging biotech company based in Sydney. Working on the forefront of genetic technology, Neuclone became conscious of it’s risks in relation to data security – namely theft of data, and unauthorised access of use of information stored in the cloud.

Systems Lab approached the problem carefully, noting that firewalls and activity monitoring may not go far enough to ensure the security of the company’s intellectual property. We took the view that we needed to pay closer attention to how company systems were being used by staff, and who was access data.

We solve this problem by combining a number of off the shelf solutions, modern security products and some purpose built technology, which brings together manageability, visibility and performance of the company’s IT to enable Neuclone to effectively manage it’s risks.


  • The company faces and increased risk of data theft and exploitation by social engineering
  • Modern malware and spyware are becoming a heightened level of risk for business systems. Neuclone wants to ensure that it is not hit with a devastating and malicious attack.
  • Some systems were easily accessible by Wifi access – enabling information to be easily taken.
  • Whilst maintaining a unified network and high security, Neuclone has multiple offices, opening the possibility of gaps in security coverage.
  • With increased use of Online and cloud services like Office 365, the risk of data breaches occurring outside of the physical offices is also increased.


Semi-restricted Web Browsing – Copy and Paste Monitoring and filtering

Access to web sites in Neuclone is provided by use a special version of all popular web browers (Chrome, Firefox ect) where users are able to freely browse the web without restriction. Users are able to download files, save bookmarks and anything you can do on a normal web browser.

Users are unable to upload files however, unless a website has been specifically whitelisted. Copy and pasting of Text is permitted, however this is logged and monitored for data dumps or sensitive information.

Network Firewall – General ban on all websites

A blanket ban on any internet host is put in place on Neuclone’s network. The eliminates a high portion of risk relating to malware and data theft. Specific sites are enabled where those site don’t present a risk to the company’s data.

Isolated Guest Network (Wifi)

A separate isolated network is provided for guest and staff access for mobile devices. Whilst servicing mainly internet based requests, this network provides access to some shared infrastructure such as printers and scanners.

Due to the multiple locations of the office, Wifi access points have been installed into each office – providing seamless roaming ability between offices without having to manually change access point details on mobile devices.

The interconnectivity between the offices is provided by a 1gbps private network devided between Guest, internal and management networks.

Threat Defence

  • Office 365 Login Monitoring
  • Computer Agent Monitoring


  • Detected Compromised logins via Office 365
  • Detected attempted data theft by an employee
  • Generally uninterrupted internet access


  • Quarterly Risk Review
  • Regular Audit and Assessment
  • Continuous monitoring.